Short and Awesome Quetes for Facebook Status 1

Awesome Quotes for Facebook Status 1
Do not wait for the perfect moment, Take the Moment and Make it Perfect.
No Guts, No Glory, No Brain, Same Story
At the touch of Love everyone becomes a Poet.
Flirtation-> Attention without Intention.
Believe You can and You are half way there.
Gorgeous, Intelligent, Sweet, Charming, Hilarious, Friendly.. well Enough about ME! Hwz u?
Girls want a lot of things from 1 Guy. Conversely, Guys want 1 thing from a lot of Girls.
Always remember u r Unique just  like every one else.
Out of body back in 5 minutes
Learn from your parents Mistakes  Use birth control !!
When I am Right, no 1 Remembers, When I am Wrong, No 1 Forgets.
Hey, I am Mr.Right. Some1 said you were looking for me??? B-)
We Never really Grow up. We just learn how to Act in public.
When I read about the Evils of Drinking, I gave up reading.
Life is jst like Mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.
Never allow some1 to b Your Priority while allowing your self to be their Option.
I have been lking for a Girl like You - not you, but a Girl like You
If You can make a Girl laugh = You can make her 2 do anything.


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