What happened when someone block you in Facebook messenger ??

What happened when someone block you in Facebook messenger ??

Many users don't know  about what happened when someone block you on Facebook messenger what types of errors messages you get when someone block you , so today I am going to show you how can you find that you have been blocked by someone , recently one of my friend asked me this question and I don't know about that so I have did some research on Facebook Messenger and got some interesting facts  and easy steps to know about block,
                                                When someone blocked you ,you can't send him/her to your messages and you get this error message * This person isn't available right now *
For example check out this screenshot.

When he or she online ,their active status is not Active Now it's just now
For example checkout below image.

So these two things are definitely defined that someone blocked you ,his or her online status which is showing only * Now * and message sending error

So I hope you guys Like my post and If you have any questions and suggestions or another method which is still I don't know then please share with me by commenting on this post . Thank you :)

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