Are you afraid of someone post on your Facebook wall and Tag you in Unnecessary Pictures ? If yes then Do This Now.

Are you afraid of someone or one of your Friend post on your FB wall and Tag you in Unnecessary Pictures,
If yes then Do This.

                 I want to share this tips because once I had face same problem , One of my foreign friend post nude picture on my wall also tag me in that picture , It was really Bad moment because too many my family members in my Facebook also my office friends and my friends too , but I had quickly deleted that post and tag and done below trick , So Now I am tension free .

Select this option in Facebook Android App and Become Tension Free
( Same Steps Work in Facebook (Site ) For Laptop and Pc )

1). Open Facebook App in Your Phone , Now Click On Menu.

2) Here you are now click on Account Settings.

3) Simply now Click on " Timeline and Tagging" option.

4). Here you can see 3 option ,

 You have to go to number 2 option 

     " Who can see things on my Timeline " Under this option you have another 2 option in both option you have to select " Only Me" and you become Tension Free

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