How to delete all sent and pending Friend Requests On Facebook 2015

Hello friends today I am show you how can you delet all sent and pending friends requests in Facebook via mobile. Mostly Facebook users use FB in mobile and mostly mobile FB user don't have smart phones at so they are using FB via mobile browser , so today I am show you how you can delete pending friend requests via mobile .For to do simply follow steps.

Step 1 Simply Open Facebook in mobile browser or in opera mini ,uc web ,
( In my video tutorial , I have used opera mini )

Step 2 now click On Find Friends

Step 3 Now click On " See All Friend Requests"

Step 4 Now Click On " View Sent Requests "

Step 5 Now you pending friend requests are here , click on delete request and you have done :)

Must watch below Video , This is easier method.

I hope you like this tutorial , blogging is my passion but I am not good writer so if I have did any mistakes in my post then please inform me and You Like this Post then please Share It to your Friends and Family . Thank you :)


  1. I am searching for this answer but did not find how to delete. Now get the answer. Thank you so much.
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