Revert to the Old Fb Chat Box / Get Back Old FB Chat Box

Facebook all time give best , but this time I don't like new chat box , I love old fb chat box and not me many of peoples still love old FB Chat Box  and want get it back,I  have two method to get back old facebook chat box without downloading any software and applications in your  PC and in Web browsers.

Method - 1
1). Login in Facebook
2).Open New Tab or New Window
3).  = Copy this link in New Tab or in New window 
    That's it you Done it now Enjoy Old Facebook Chat Box 

Method -2
Get Old Fb chat box in Sidebar in Mozilla Firefox
1). Go to Bookmarks
2). Make New Bookmark ( If you don't find new bookmark option than open Bookmarks window 
     and right click anywhere in it , you get New bookmark option)
3). In New book mark 
      Name                Old Fb Chat Box or Anything you Like
      Tags                   blank
      Keywords         blank
      Description        blank
After Description there is one sentence  (Load this bookmark in sidebar) mark in box now Add it and Enjoy Old Fb Chat Box in Sidebar  ( Ctr+B = you get sidebar)
             This is Best way to using Old Facebook Chat Box without download any apps and software in pc . If you like my post than give your view and comments ,if you know another method than share it to with me and with other Fb user.


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